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This spring clasp necklace or discreet day collar has a beautiful set of animal heads that hold a spring ring which serves as the clasp allowing you to forgo a regular lobster clasp on more nondiscreet lock. 


Everything on this piece is made of stainless steel including the chain, animal heads and spring ring.


Three options are available for personalizing your necklace or day collar:


Animal Heads:

  • Dragon Head clasp
  • Wolf Head clasp
  • Serpent Head clasp


Additional Information to consider: The weight of the animals head is heavier than the chain therefore if the chain is too long, the weight of the heads will cause them to roll to outward and lay on their sides. 


With this design the chain will need to be short and tight to the neck otherwise the animal heads will roll sideways because of their weight.

Animal Head Spring Clasp Necklace/Collar

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