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Shipping depends on many factors and is constantly changing due to demand, the seasons and holidays and many other situations. Please be patient as we work to get your order processed, shipped and delivered in a timely manner. Please don't hesitate to message us at with any questions or concerns.


Returns should not be frustrating. You've already been through a lot because you need to return, the process should be easy.

In regards to incorrect size, we take back unused, unworn product in the condition it was sent to you.

For damage caused by normal wear and tear, we may request a small fee depending on the extent of damage. 


Mystical Maille Design stands behind all work we've done and whether it is 1 year down the road or 10, we stand behind the promise of Limited Lifetime Guarantee. If your piece breaks or is damaged because of natural wear or quality error, we will fix it, no questions asked. 


Tracking will always be included in shipping. Please allow at least one business day for tracking to update on the whereabouts of your piece.



The product not what you expected or colors not what you wanted? We offer a 14 day money back guarantee from day of delivery. A fee will be issued if the piece shows any sign of unusual wear, tear or damage.


Your personal information will never be given, sold, or traded to anyone. Only members of Mystical Maille Design will see your personal data such as shipping address, legal name, phone number, etc.




Not all products are hypoallergenic but some are. The anodized aluminum pieces will be and while the clasps for these are normally made of stainless steel, a request can be made for sterling silver or titanium clasps. The same guideline is followed for earrings and a request can be made for sterling silver fishhook ear pieces.

The strongest metal we carry is our titanium, followed by stainless steel. The titanium, while flexible is nearly four times stronger than stainless steel and can come in an array of colors while stainless steel is tough it is only found in the classic silver color. Aluminum is one of the weaker metal but is on the cheaper side and comes in the most variety of colors. Aluminum (along with titanium and stainless steel) will not tarnish or rust and will not change your skin colors


Aluminum, because it is the weaker of the metals, can not withstand as much yanking or pulling as say titanium or stainless steel. Both Stainless Steel and titanium are liable to tarnish over time and use, as does sterling silver with wear. Stainless steel comes in only its natural silver color while titanium comes in a multitude of colors but tends to be much more expensive. Sterling silver, is a precious metal and is the most expensive.
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